Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is friendship?

A true friendship combines trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, and intimacy. Friendship takes time to be built, but once you're there you should feel at home. Being able to trust and relax with your friends is a big part of friendship. I think we all spent a day, a week-end to a friend's house when we were kids. It was fun, but then when you returned to your home, it felt wonderful, you felt " I'm home, I can relax now". That's what friendship should be. You go out into the world and do your best. You have your ups and downs, your problems and triumphs, your fun and tribulations. You charm and you perform. But then you come "home" to a friend. You can relax, put up your feet; you are relieved. If you still have to be charming and/or performing, it's not a relief. Friendship is a comfy situation like home. You get home, kick off your shoes, relax and sigh, "Ahh, home."
But no one can form a friendship until he/she realizes that the basis of being friends is meeting the needs of the other person. One must be a friend to have one.
Never forget that friends relate. Relating is the basis of friendship.

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