Saturday, April 4, 2009

Freedom is like taking a bath - you have to keep doing it every day!

What does it take to really be free in this world? I think it is more than courage. Is there anyone really? It seems that with every turn we make our freedom is taken away from us bit by bit, and sometimes without even realising it.
I think humans as other beings in this world are born to be free-spirited, but still we are brought up to a world where freedom is just a word, and not really a feeling or a posibility. Do we ever get to know how is it really like, to just be free?

Being free became a privilege, it is not a right anymore. We are not free to stay home from work, to travel, to speak our minds, to just simply hug someone, not to dream even, because it costs us time.

I think all of us has a goal in this life, that one big dream that we won't give up on, no matter the storms and thunders we have to go through, they won't wash it away a bit. That might be power, love, wealth, or whatever. But what about freedom? I want that.

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