Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have no clue where this came from

I don't write about love anymore
I found another pair of jeans to call my favourite
I don't feel the time, it never passed.
Don't you think I still wear the white t-shirt when it rains at the coast.
In the last drawing what's missing are not the stars.
The old lady doesn't sell flowers anymore at the corner at 12:10
The song is over and so is the ciggarette that burned my muse
I'll type with just one hand 35w/min, ugh no ispiration
But the good thing is that I passed that class!
Today I am able to cry at command.
It's strange, there were only lips involved in that kiss,
But the slap did hurt, though...

Do eyes refuse to wear white lashes?
No problem, I payed bribery for a six-dreams ticket.

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