Thursday, April 9, 2009

One word

I was walking on the street earlier today, and at some point I passed by a gas station, where some workers were talking to eachother. But because of the noise the machine they were working on was making, they were raising their voices. And as I was passing, I found myself having this feeling of familiarity, which I realised I haven`t had in such a long time. I was just thinking, yet again, how some things in this world are the same everywhere and how we just find that small part that can remind us of better times, of friends, memories, and of home when we are away. The workers reminded me of the summer days when I was a child and with my friends, we used to play on construction sights. But there are lots of things that give me that feeling, it's just I don't encounter them too often. I guess sometimes we just realise that there comes a time when the only thing that keeps us together and closer to something is the sky.

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