Saturday, June 13, 2009

That color feeling...

There I was, wearing my speckled t-shirt, discolored jean shorts and dirty sneakers. And I felt a shiver coming up my spine and into the top of my head, then a sudden heat filled my whole body. I couldn't see it but I felt how my face turned red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, and so on. It was summer, I was in front of my house... playing soccer with my cap that's true, but never in my deepest thoughts could I imagine that he will be there to see me. Oh, the guy I liked to spend time at school, when I looked like a normal little girl, dressed nice and with my hair combed. It was the summer break, for God's sake. What was he doing there?! He lived across town. If I weren't so busy playing, I might've noticed him beforehand and ran to hide, and do that even before he had seen me, that would've been so relieving. All these thoughts spinned my mind and the last one I remember was that running away still didn't seem like such a bad idea. So there I was saying hello back and as I ran I was mumbling an excuse how I was just heading home. Now that wasn't a nice reaction, but I felt relieved and as if no one knew about my awkward encounter. Well... summer break is long enough to forget or just laugh about it when the school starts and say that you were helping your dad washing the car or cleaning the garage dressed like that. Heh... right?

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