Friday, August 14, 2009

Love is...


I wasn't sure I was going to choose a subject to write about this month, but I've made up my mind and I picked "love". I could write about love in so many ways and so much, but I decided to leave it at this:

Love is...
...dancing in the rain.
...seeing the ordinary and think it's extraordinary.
...accepting flaws.
...being confused 90% of the time and being okay with it.
...standing up for them, even when they're wrong.
...putting them before you.
...waiting for them.
...listening to the same story over and over, for a hundred times.
...wanting to dance with them, as much as they want to dance with you. gifts for no reason.
...remembering birthdays.
...growing old together.

Love never lets you down.


  1. doing it is better ..

    anyway love is a waste of time but more or less it can be a pleasurable waste of time ...

    since we have to spend time on this planet willy nilly, probably someone ages ago came up with the idea that humans can love each other to make it worth our existance while !

    most of the times we find that we cannot actually love, not to mention we actually spend lots of time hating others.. from our parents to our bosses etc.. though we blame it on them of course...

    so love is much of a compromise as much as life is if not worse ! now how dangerous is that ?