Saturday, August 29, 2009

A piece of thread:)

It is so easy to dream… I can picture anything with my mind, wrong or right… if I don’t want it anymore it can be changed, if I want it then I smile and dream on. I found myself living my dreams a few times, and that is great, we all know it. I also found myself living a nightmare, too. This reminds me about these weird dreams I used to have during my childhood, where in different sceneries I used to fall and fall until I woke up. I never reached a bottom, but living those falling nightmares is different, because you kind of feel close to the bottom, so close that your heart starts racing. It is like you are hanging on a fragile piece of thread and you know that it might break at any time. And, hey, sometimes you feel like you just don’t care if and maybe wish it would just break. Well, sometimes that piece of thread even changes colors, and it’s pink, green or blue. Depends if you think that all this will fade away at some point, or you just get sick of everything or, or you are just feeling blue. But there are times when you are getting numb from all the hanging on, and find yourself wondering… am I still here? I guess that’s when the thread changes its color to grey. But hang on, it is going to fade, trust me...

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