Monday, November 23, 2009

Bye-bye babies:)

Hehe, remember I told you I have four kittens… Well it’s about time to give them away so I’ve place if I could call it add on a website. I don’t sell them, they are for free. All I want to get in return is some good person or family that would be able to really love and take care of them. I placed the add last week and there were already so many people interested and I thought that could only be a good thing because then I have the option to choose from. One of the repliers specially caught my attention first because she wanted to take two of them and I thought it would be great since at least two are going to be together. Anyway, they left me their number to call them. We spoke on the phone and I let them choose the time at their convenience, next day at 1 pm. All good, they also mentioned something I didn’t quite question at the time, they said that they want to see the kittens and if they click. That to me, could be interpreted in one way, see the kittens and if they instantly fall in love with them then that means they click, right? Or they could click like the computer mouse instead of meowing, hah. So the day comes, the person doesn’t show up, but that evening I receive an email from them, saying that they didn’t like the vibes or more like vibrations on the phone… and that’s the reason they changed their mind. What the heck does that mean? Now, guys my phone is working just fine, so that’s out of the question. If someone figures that out let me know…
Now, I’m glad it turned out that way, because honestly I don’t quite have experience with such people and they probably would’ve fooled me and pass on as normal and then watch on the news the two cats that click, maybe? Anyways moving on to another strange experience…
There was another person that seemed interested in one of the kittens, but there was a problem. They have this old male cat already and one time they came with it to see how the old guy got along with the little one. Thing is I just saw two cats sniffing each other. Well you know that saying, two people can look at the same thing and see it differently… they saw that the old guy didn’t quite like the little one, and I will quote the person here “He is mad, he doesn’t want a new cat.” I said “Awe, mister there wants all the lovin’ for himself!” now where’s the door, LOL. So in English that means the cat doesn’t want the owner to get a new cat, a new car or a new apartment… or maybe it’s just the new cat, but hey, come on, really?
Today I gave away two of them, it’s sad but in the same time I know it’s for the best. I couldn’t keep all of them around here, to be honest lately it’s been a poop party in the bathroom, hah and you know how I hate those household chores.


  1. strange that part with the, which one is gone? Not my favorite hopefully :D -

  2. I still have your favorite and my favorite=D I gave away the other two guys, hehe. Aww..:)