Sunday, November 15, 2009


Suicide is the deck one walks on when they feel that no one can follow them on their way as they cannot continue on the same road with the others.

Is suicide a taboo subject? Well I don’t care I want to talk about it anyways. What makes people around us think of suicide and come to the point where they actually take action? Is it a big step between thinking it and doing it? Do we understand the people that do it or are thinking of it? Can we tell before it is too late? Can we really understand what they are going through? I find that we can’t ever really understand it until we get to a point when something that doesn’t kill us, doesn’t make us stronger either, but makes us wish we were dead. Have you ever been there? Honestly, have you ever thought of suicide?
I know I have. I am not trying to point it out in a good way, nor a bad way, it just happens. I am an optimistic person and everyone that knows me can confirm to you that I have a strong spirit and I’m always the one to say that no matter how deep the fall you can always crawl out in the sun and let the mud dry. There was a time in my life when I was going through hell for so long that I felt like I had my own room there. So I thought of the suicide stuff. As soon as I started thinking of it, I realised how stupid it is and forgot about my problems. Truth is no one can save you and not all the people want to be saved, or they just weren’t meant to be saved. But if you’re an idiot and you chose to do it, just know that you are the loser and most people will find a good that comes with the idea of a one less person in the world. But let me point out to you, in no particular order some of the things that you are missing:

1. Dancing to your favorite song.
2. French fries, pizza and sushi.
3. Laughing until your tummy hurts.
4. Living your dream and pray you will never wake up!
5. Roller coasters and bungee jumping.
6. The excitement of the day before leaving on vacation.
7. The spontaneous trips.
8. The rush you get when you kiss someone for the first time.
9. Naming your child with the name that you’ve always wanted.
10. Love and being loved in return.
11. Feeling butterflies in your stomach.
12. The feeling of moving into your first apartment!
13. The Holidays and Christmas gifts.
14. The first snow of the year.
15. The day you tell your parents to shut up and let you make your own mistakes!
16. The parties, birthdays and drinks!
17. Being caught in the rain with your favourite person on a summer day.
18. Swimming when the sun sets.
19. Waiting for the sun to rise on the shore of the ocean.
20. Visit Paris with your sweetie.
21. Cheering for your favourite team and watching them win the championship!
22. See your parents talk proudly about you!
23. Simple things like your favorite series, cartoons, movies.
24. Chocolate and ice cream!
25. Hearing the best new joke you can hardly wait to get off work to tell it to your friends.
26. Kicking your shoes off after a long day.
27. Video games and the satisfaction of kicking your friends’ asses at them!

Great things are around you and all you have to do is take your mind of your crap and notice them. We all have problems, wth, cry a river, build a bridge and get over it!

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