Sunday, December 27, 2009


JBI didn't get to know one of my grandmothers, as she passed away when I was very young. Thinking about it now, it feels as if there will always be this place that will never be filled, this empty chair at the family reunions, special events in my life and one missing cheer when I succeed. I have this photo album with pictures of me and my brother as babies and toddlers that my parents and mostly my grandmother put together. It’s those kinds of old albums where you glue the pictures in, so in time many pictures detached, though some managed to stick on their places through years. A few years ago when I was cleaning my room I found this album, and as I was looking through it another picture detached and fell on the floor face down. When I leaned to pick it up I just noticed it was hand written on the back, and after I read it, I quickly went and asked my parents who wrote it, as I knew their writing. It turned out it was my grandmother that wrote the message, and I was to find it after years and years. So sweet, the message read: “D, at the time she didn’t know how beautiful she is.”


  1. I believe that most of us look at beauty through the only one sense that is the sight... and we get stuck on that. Yet, I believe what your grandma saw that day is far beyond.

  2. I agree with you. Though my post was about that message that travels through time, that closure you don't realise you need, but once something like this happens you somehow feel that a part of the void created by someone missing in your life is filled a little bit. Or about the power a loved one has to put a smile on your face even after they are gone.