Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hah, remember him? He is my guy avatar that I use for different stuff, mostly contests, but also presenting clothes and crap like that. Anyways, here`s an update for his fan girls. Oh, don't worry he is still single, LOL the news is that he is now officially a male model, hah. Yep, and he can enter special contests and can be used in ads, etc. Oh, I see good things for him... ka-ching!

All the girls are crazy over this guy here, oh man, I don't understand women, I mean it is really hard for a good looking guy these days, hahah. JKJK:P

Do you want to pick a name for him?:P


  1. What he doesn`t have a name yet? Come on! I`llpick Rafael ( I don`t know artistic) :))