Wednesday, February 24, 2010

People are strange...

Some people go out there acting like the world just owes them anything and if they face a situation where something doesn't turn out the way they expect, they immediately think that there is something wrong with the whole world around them. I guess when nature makes you with too many errors you just become delussional. I'm just saying. We all live in our own little movie, right? And some people are just closed and angry, this fact will never change. But if we manage to change someone like that, just by the way we are, then good for us, if not, then it's not our business. Sometimes, if not most of the times we are very wrong about first impressions. It comes really easy to assume things, it is very easy to be mean and full of hatred, as it is easy to just mock what you don't know. When it comes to judging, everyone knows better! We are the same and yet so different. But I like different, different is great, it's hate and closed minds I don't like.
Needless to explain but just because I'm nice and friendly to you, doesn't mean I'm your friend, if you know my last name doesn't mean you had me figured out, if I nod at stuff you say, doesn't mean I agree and so on. Yet, we need these kind of people, just to remind us how lucky we are to have found the totally opposite of them, the people we call friends.


  1. sad post. I hope now you feeling ok- because you just figure it out some new stuff about somebody

  2. I was kind of annoyed, because some people have this whole closet full of shit and they just open it in front of everyone. I`ll tell you about it sometimes=D I tried not to make it too personal on here, LOL.