Monday, March 8, 2010

8 March

It is the international day of women, I know, but seriously what does this day mean? What are women supposed to do or why is even called their day?
I remember as a child I used to do crafts for my mother to give her as gifts and later on I bought her flowers. I did call my mother today to congratulate her on this day, but other than that dunno what's the meanining.
To me, though it is mother's day and I want to let you guys know that as cliche as it might sound, my mother is the best in the whole wide world. The wonderful being that always stood by my side when I was sick, that knows no boundaries when it comes to her children's happiness, the symbol of patience, understanding and unconditional love. My mother is without any doubt the most amazing person I know! She would go out of her way for me and my brother. She is the one person I can always rely on, my confidante and my best friend!

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