Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"You want to know why we even have hearts if we don't know how to use them?"

"Well, it is easy for me to answer that."

"We have hearts to give away pieces of them to people we really care about."

NOTE: Ignore the fact that I wrote the text both in english and french. I scanned it to send it to someone and it was supposed to be in french=D Feel free to correct me, I'm not sure if I translated it right, hehe.

It's been a very normal day, but I like. Normal is good, after a sequence of what became just ordinary numbers in the calendar, of bad days and worse days.
Not much else to say. Well there is but I'm too lazy to type. One of these days I'll write something interesting.


  1. Bon, si tu (ne) te fâches pas - je vais ajuster le texte en français ;)

    Voulez-vous savoir pourquoi on a des cœurs si on ne sait même pas comment les utiliser?
    C`est bien facile pour moi de répondre a cela.
    On a des cœurs pour donner des morceaux d`eux aux gens que l`on aime.
    How about Julie? Ca donne bien dans les deux langues ;)

  2. Bien sûr que non. Je l'ai déjà envoyer à quelqu'un, hahah, je savais que j'allais faire un fou de moi:)) Je dois apprendre cette langue bientôt.

    C'est cute, mais je cherche un nom qui a un/une? signification. I thought about one, I`ll tell you when you get here. Can`t wait to see you, woo!

  3. Ah et merci beaucoup pour la correction=D