Thursday, May 6, 2010

A day without rain…

The sun was setting, but for once it did not mean that the day ended because then, the time was our best friend and there was no border between day and night. With our sun-kissed skin we would walk under the infinite sky, but we were walking together… We were young and with a high dose of freedom running through our veins. We would comb our hair in the morning wind on the highest top of the mountain, the world was our home and we needed nothing but a cigarette to share on the ocean’s shore at midnight. It was then, a place in time and space when we shared the same paths, it was a time of warm summer days and ocean breeze, turquoise waters and blue skies… We were truly laughing and we had no care in the world... rebels we were!

But you promised that you will take care of yourself when I'm not there to take care of you, myself... R.I.P "C"

Totally disconnected

Note: Picture by C0UG at DA.

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