Sunday, May 9, 2010


Where can we hide when we run from ourselves?
It's so peaceful around, but I don't like it... so I carry a war inside my soul!
Everybody runs from words, no one says exactly what they feel, therefore we don't need words anymore.
Any dream can come true if you're an idiot!
And anyone can be put in their place with the right medicine.
Watching out the window, I turn around and leave again.
You're invited to come when I'm not around, you're presence does me harm.
The friends that accept me the way I am, bore me.
And those that run from me... well I can't find them anymore.
If I would allow myself to be the way I really am, I wouldn't write anymore,
And with a smile on my face I would go to jail ten times a day.
I am cold hearted when my mind is boiling, I am an intruder in my own world
I feel excluded
I'm gone for good...

Note: Will edit this tomorrow...

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