Monday, June 14, 2010



I was looking for a shade of green that I would really like, so I went again and found the new American Apparel nail lacquers. First I got the Malibu Green, which is a light shade of green (my favorite). And today I went again and I got other three shades: Factory Grey(grey, duh!:P), Hunter(dark green) and Mount Royal(dark purple). So instead of picking just one color to replace my usual black, I'll have some diversity, lol. Man, I really like the new collection, I'm thinking, I can't help it and I might go back and get some more... I really like the Office one, too. What do you think?:D

Oh yea, and this song:D


  1. I really like these colors - especially the dark purple. what store did you get that?

  2. Yes, they are all really pretty. They have a lot of colors and shades. The store is American Apparel:D