Thursday, July 8, 2010


1. Take your car and go on a ride. Park it on the side of the road and put on your sun glasses, then pull a hairdryer out the window and direct it to the cars coming towards you. Now count how many drivers hit their breaks suddenly in front of you.

2. Recharge the coffee machine from your office place with decaffeinated coffee for three weeks straight. When everyone will get over their coffee addiction, change it with Espresso.

3. If you take money out money directly from the bank, for “purpose of use” write “for Marijuana”.

4. Whenever you find yourself on a corridor, start jumping instead of walking. Then try to count how many people give you weird looks.

5. When in a restaurant, order “Diet water”.

6. Call your friends five days before a party and tell them that you can’t make it because you’re going to have a headache that day.

7. When you take out money from an ATM, cry out loud: “I won! I won!”

8. If you go to the Zoo, start running towards the parking lot, pretending you are terrified and shout: “Save yourselves! The animals have escaped!”

9. If you have children, at dinner time tell them that because of the recession, you will have to give them up.

10. At the drug store, buy a box of condoms and then ask the pharmacist where the fitting room is!

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