Monday, September 27, 2010

I woke up...

All those times, yeah, I am counting everything in… the cards were made from the beginning and I had to take the leap blindfolded, therefore not even knowing where I’ll be falling. Like a good card, yet useless, in your hands, since you already got other cards to make you a winner. The question is, are you, will you be happy with what you’ll be winning? So you keep me, the good card, in your hands, because the game is not over yet, and who knows what cards will be dealt on the table next… and then, I might become the winning one, for this one time, for this one wish you would be told yes… But not today, today you don’t feel like it and I hang on in your hands, sticking, hanging, glued… believing there is no other way or road to where I want to get.


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