Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How do you know if your purchase is a fake?

These are some essential ways to identify an inauthentic fashion or beauty item:

Labels. Make sure you know the how the real label of the brand looks like; double check the spelling of the label's name, if it's in the proper fonts, and located in the right positions on the item.

Seams and stitching. Most designer bags are made carefully so all-over prints continue evenly around the sides.

Lining. Knock-offs often skimp on the interior materials to cut costs (cheap synthetic material instead of suede, etc)

Soles. If you're buying footwear be sure all identifying marks (ie, the designer's name and logo) match up on the bottom.

Details. zippers are working, threads are the right, matching color. Many brands include authenticity cards and instruction booklets with their merchandise—you can check with the company directly to find out if your purchase should have these.

Expiration dates. Discounted designer perfumes could be authentic, but so old that they've actually gone bad years ago.

Packaging. Just because something is sealed, doesn't mean it's the real thing. Also check if the item is supposed to come with something, such as a dust bag or logo shoe box, etc.


2.Coach handbags and leather items
4.Athletic jerseys
6.Nike sneakers (especially Air Yeezy and Air Jordans)
7.Ed Hardy and Juicy brands
8.Watches (like Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer)
9.North Face
10.DVDs (especially box sets of TV series)


  1. i don't have this kind of problems, i'm a guy :))

  2. I`m sure, hehe, buuut it could be useful for when you want to buy something for your girlfriend/ sister/ mother. :D