Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter IV - Tell her no!

Chapter IV

It was a hot summer evening, the dusty air carried a suffocating warmth. There was no breeze whatsoever and nothing seemed to break into the peaceful silence of that midummer's evening.

Chloe and Samantha went to visit Mrs. Clotier, the oldest resident of Cartier Iberville. The old lady liked to hold dinners, it reminded her of her younger days, when she was present at every ball.
At the massive, white and round table in the garden, Chloe saw Alain sitting by himself. Apparently Mrs. Clotier invited him as well. They exchanged quick hellos and a look while passing by. Samantha sat at the table with Alain Lambert and Mrs. Clotier, while Chloe walked away and sat in the rock-chair full of pillows that smelled like basil. She was facing the table, when from inside the house, a young woman made her way along the surrounding hedge to join them at the table.

- C'est ma nièce Catherine, said Mrs. Clotier.

- And Alain's soon to be moving in girlfriend, added the woman while placing her hands on Alain's shoulders.

- Congratulations, said Samantha moving her eyes from her to Alain who smiled awkwardly. It is nice to meet you Catherine.

- Please call me Cath, she said loudly.

Catherine's light ginger hair was cut into a bob, her pale blue simple summer dress made her look so elegant and matched perfectly with her fair skin. She wasn't very pretty, but her neat style made her stand out in that way.

- Chloe, viens nous rejoindre à la table, veux-tu?

- Bien sûr, Mme Clotier. She replied and walked smiling to join them at the table.

- Oh, qui est cette jolie fille? asked Catherine.

Who knew that the most simple words when put together with the smallest gestures could become like poisonous splinters, ripping her chest open from inside out, cut through it, over it... What really makes that moment where one crosses the border between magic and disbelief, hope and apathy, calm and restlessness, innocence and darkness, today and the rest of one's life?

At the end of that day, under the sunset's shades, Chloe's eyes appeared empty like two holes in a mask in which she saw Alain for whom he really was: just a stranger.

As she watched their silhouettes fading into the night, Chloe stared wistfully and wished she had him!

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