Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chapter V - It's time.


- Chloe! Will you come downstairs? Breakfast's ready!

- Yes, Sam. I'll be there in a second.

As Chloe was coming down the stairs, the feelings from the eve started to fade away.

- Good morning! she said as she walked around the table and sat on her usual chair.

- Where's my kiss? asked uncle Geoff.

Chloe laughed: I'll blow it to you from across the table.

      After the breakfast, aunt Samantha sent Chloe to Mrs. Clotier's house to get a few lemons and a bowl of raspberries for a cake that she was planning to bake that afternoon.
Chloe was carrying the bag of lemons over the arm and holding the bowl of raspberries in her hands as she was walking home. When she passed by Alain's house, she found herself on the ground, raspberries all over her cream-colored lace dress and one finger bleeding from a broken piece of the bowl.

- Mon Dieu! she heard a female voice from afar. It was Catherine, who was coming out of the house.

As she looked up she saw Alain, looking stunned in front of her:

- Are you okay? Let me help you!

Lost into her thoughts, Chloe didn't even see Alain in her way and she had bumped into to him, which caused her to lose her balance and fall on the ground. She looked at Catherine walking towards them, then looked at Alain and the words came out of her mouth...

- What are you doing here? Chloe shouted. What are you doing in my way?

Alain took her hand in his hand, while the feeling of rising tears hit Chloe. She pulled her hand and ran towards the house with Alain calling behind her to wait. The door hit the wall as she entered the house.

- What happened? Samantha came after her in the living room.

- My dress! Chloe shouted. My dress is ruined!

She didn't care at all about the dress, she was so very much in love with Alain, but she didn't want to admit it. To herself, yes. To anyone else, never!
Besides, what was the point, he was almost eight years older than her, he had a girlfriend and he was one of her uncle's lawyers.

       The road to the airport was sprinkled with bitter sweet sadness. Something new was settling in, it was time to change... Teddy bears for high heels, lace for leather, innocence for new beginnings.
Very early in the morning, Chloe left Paris for Seattle with her uncle Geoff to visit her grandparents.

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