Monday, March 2, 2009

In My Bag Today.

I thought I should do some sorting and cleaning in my bag today. It was like a deposit in there, and on top of that I think I could have opened a tabacco bussiness, LOL, because at the bottom of the bag I've found little pieces of tabacco that fell from cigaretes in time. My bag needed to be washed as well, so did other three. So yea, here's what stays in my bag.

ID's and Cards holder: I use it when I need just 1 or 2 pieces of ID to carry around.

Thread and needle: I don't actually remember how it got in my bag, but I'm going to keep it just in case.

Hair band and clips: Ponytail? Bangs on the side? Many options, heh.

3 Pens: Well probably just one would be enough, but you never know when it stops writing, and besides when you have more to chose from it's easier to find one faster.

Caramels: They're history by now, mwuahaha.

Notebook: I used it for school, but kept it for notes and drawing.

iPod: I can't do without. Music puts me in a good mood.

Photo camera: I don't always have it with me, and it seems that's when I pass by what could have been a great shot. Oh well.

Cigarettes and ligther: I'm not planning to quit soon.

A scarf: It's cooold, and I don't usually wear a muffler.

My wallet: definetly a keeper.

Lip Gloss: needed.

Mirror: Girl stuff.

ID's and Card holder: again. This one holds them all, ha!

Hand cream: With this though weather, my skin is feeling it too.

Sudoku game: Makes the time seem to pass faster, when I have to take the metro for a long way.

My phone: <3<3<3

Carte d'access and tickets holder.

Gum: Rasberry flavor, I'm all about the taste, hehe.

Coins: They should be in my coin box, but I'll keep them for metro tickets.


Candy: Yummy^-^

That's all folks! What's in your bag?

1 comment:

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