Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Layout

Ok, I totally changed my mind about the layout before and I made a new one. I used the same codes though, so it didn't take long to finish it. I just changed the color codes and padding values and also took out a few parts, but yeah pretty much the same. I like this one better. ^_^

My hobby is my escape corner from all the crap that's going into my life. Just like I spin the thoughts in my head, I do everything really quick when it comes to creations and there's no "later" for me. Whenever I have an idea I just turn on the computer or take a piece of paper and don't let go until I finish it. I also don't like too many suggestions and ideas coming from other people when they ask me to do something for them. And when I have to follow strict instructions I always find a way to add something that would say I was there. That's the only way I can finish a project and I tend to only like those that have that something. =D It happened a few times before to scratch a finished project and come with a completly new one. =D Sometimes I would go for days, even weeks without having any idea for a project that has a deadline, and leave everything for the last moment, when usually I just get a great idea and somehow I manage to finish it in time. I love to write, draw and design, it's my favorite thing to do... and my anti-depression. ^_^

*Note: Screenshot took of layout without the codes. =D

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  1. i like this one better, but its my dark side that likes it ;O)

    Haha I did buy a pink, and i mean PINK fleece sweater...I really hesitated but something was calling me to it, so i put all my judgements away and got it! Its really girly, but i love it!