Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seen any good movies lately?

Meh, my usual answer is "not really". Friends told me that I should go see this movie called "Avatar", but I wasn't really interested. I went to the mall today with a friend and then decided to go see a movie. They already suggested "Avatar", but when we got to the cinema it was this huge line and the panels were all saying SOLD OUT! or FEW! But as we stand in line this girl comes up to us and tells us she has two tickets for the movie, though they were kind of at a late hour. We didn't care, so we bought them from her. That was luck!=D
I just came from the movies, half hour ago and guess what's my favorite movie now? LOL
If you plan to see it, go to IMAX, it's the best experience ever!
100 stars for everything: storyline, animation, actors, just everything! A-FUCKING-MAZING movie!

Trailer HERE.


  1. OMG! I can wait to see it! All my friends say the same thing :))! Yupii! I just got the game hope I`ll see it soon~

  2. =D Yep, the movie`s definetly worthy! How`s the game?=D

  3. pretty cool too - You have a lot of missions - fighting, and I really like the graphics. I enjoy it - it`s an adventure game.that`s why I definitely want to see also the movie

  4. Hehe, the game sounds interesting. Did you guys see the movie yet?=D