Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack- Egypt

I decided to send my character to Egypt today since I never played there. And here's what happened...

She arrives at the camps... You can find these tents at the local store and you need to carry one with you whenever you leave on an adventure.

She visited an egyptian family, cause she had to find out what they think about a company there. But man, they were acting so weird, I'm not sure if it was supposed to happen like that or it was just a glitch, but they all made a line to compliment her, LOL.

After leaving the locals's house and getting everything she needed from the local store, I sent her to the pyramids...

The pyramids

Here's the pyramid's door and you can inspect it to find the way to open it...

You get keys like this one from locals or find them in treasure chests.

These are the traps that she managed to disarm when she came in... It isn't difficult, you just click on them and you get the option.

There are lots of treasure rooms that you can uncover=D

There are more than just the doors that can unravel new rooms. These round shaped fountains can take you to other rooms or help you find clues.

I got stuck here because, again I needed a magical object from China. Hah=D

Treasure room...

Heheh surprise! This guy appeared from nowhere after I searched the sarcophagus behind him=D He's not friendly, he followed my character and attacked her and after she got her ass kicked by a mummy she passed out because of being too tired, LOL. After sleeping for a few seconds she got up and I tried to send her to her tent...

I just clicked the tent so she could go to sleep, because she was supposed to return home in a few hours anyway, but I forgot about the traps. I just heard a scream... man, I never knew sims could scream like that, lolol. She was trying to put out the fire with the "Shower in a can".

Guess what? That didn't work...

So I clicked on the fountain... and phew!

This is pretty much everything that I've found til now... I'll go back to China. Looks like I gotta finish some adventures there first.


  1. haha...nice adventures...She should have slept in a sarcophagus.