Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worlds apart

Maybe it's just this song that a friend sent to me... and that I'm listening to now. Or maybe I just want to ignore the fact that yesterday, when there was no song, I felt the same way. I just don't get it, after we've been through the same thing before, and we've learnt that it does us no good, and even after we've managed to close ourselves away and turn into stones, how come, in a matter of maybe a few seconds (who counts?) someone comes along, out of nowhere, when you're not even expecting it and the next day you wake up and there is no lock, there is no stone... Where the fuck did they dissapered? Who stole my fucking lock? Why would you take someone's lock when they need it the most?
Note: If I find a player where I can upload the song from my computer, I will post it for you guys. It's a really nice traditional chinese song.
Note 02: Unfinished drawing and it will most likely remain so, lol. Balcony design by Anton(Hi Anton!^^) and drawn by me, obviously, cause it looks like crap.
LOL, ignore me today, I just miss my friends:P

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