Monday, October 26, 2009

What happens when your imaginary friend is having other real friends?


Years ago I created an imaginary friend. I don’t remember when we first “met”, but I’m pretty sure it was out of boredom. But wait a minute, I’m not crazy, I created him just so I would make my bored friends laugh, otherwise I would’ve fallen into boredom with them… Anyways, I used to remind them about him, every time someone would try to sit next to me. I used to tell them to get up, and it always worked, as they were jumping off the chair thinking they might have sit on something… when in fact it was my imaginary friend they were sitting on. After a little while he became popular, people started to ask me about him, about the way he actually looks and for his name… So I figured I had to at least give him a name… and I did.
Years passed and one evening I was finding myself with some friends I met quite recently, and one of them brings up the fact that they used to have an imaginary friend, which of course reminded me about mine right away, we laughed talking about it and finally come to the point where I asked if his imaginary friend has a name… And surprise his name was the same as my imaginary friend’s name: Eustache!
Hah, remember?


  1. I still laugh when I remember this one :)) Poor Eustache he was shared by too people from different sides of the world. Or should I say ...sly Eustache ?!

  2. Haha yeah. Imagine you got a friend in common with someone and they are imaginary:)) Fun stuff LOL.